nerfgun almonds

swag master

abt me :))

◈  nerf//naomi//chris call me whatever i do not care lol
◈ 16
◈ they//them pref. any pronouns nblw
◈ english + spanish
◈ dumb theatre kid
◈ ♊︎
◈ intp-t 5w4 [i have no idea what that means i just took the tests]
◈ derse witch of heart

hottest person alive

interests/ likes

i will mainly talk/post about these at the moment

◈ undertale
◈ minecraft
◈ my love for jake english
◈ oxenfree
◈ anime i guess
◈ .....mcyt.. kinda.

but i also like this stuff

◈ regular show
◈ uhhh
◈ vocaloid
◈ gravity falls
◈ um
◈ the spongebob movie from 2004


This is all you get. i will never drop the full kin list. shut up.

◈ Dirk Strider :(
◈ Sollux Captor B)

*#1 selfhood kin no doubles.



◈ pro ship or "anti-anti"

◈ pro bi/pan lesbian

◈ support map/zoo/necro

◈ under 13, over 25 [unless i interact first/ current ppl fine]

◈ anti-blm/anti-acab

◈ post gore/ed/nsfw

◈ i dont keep up w most social media a lot and i forget they exist sometimes but i answer on discord if you need anything

◈ i dont care about hs^2 anymore but if i ever post about it i tag it

◈ i use common cw tags and also tag whats listed here

comfort characters eheheh

◈ jake english!! [hs]
◈ sollux captor [hs]
◈ kankri vantas [hs]
◈ will solace [hoo]

◈ serpaz [ve]
◈ yumyan [kipo]
◈ ibuki mioda [dr2]
◈ derpy hooves [mlp]

tw's and cw's

no need to tag them all [though appreciated] but please tag whats in italics!!

erisol [the ship, not the sprite]
◈ jadedave
◈ mouth noises
mentions of pregnancy
◈ shipping real people
◈ over-sexualization of jake english
hate towards any of my comforts

[tagging what it is or NDL ((nerf dont look)) is fine!!]

i tag these

◈ spiders, seals, walruses, slugs, snails
◈ skiing/ ski lifts
◈ sinkholes
◈ soul eater
◈ my little pony
◈ homestuck^2
◈ cronus ampora
◈ naruto

Mp3 History

moonsetter - Homestuck Vol. 9-10 - Toby "Radiation" Fox

sunsetter - Homestuck Vol. 5-6 - Toby "Radiation" Fox

stride - Homestuck Vol. 9-10 - Kalibration

cosmic carousel - Beyond Canon - polysaw

the walls are listening - OFF ost - Alias Conrad Coldwood