swag master


◈  nerf//dirk
◈ 16
◈ they//them nblw
◈ english + spanish
◈ dumb theatre kid :(
◈ ♊︎
◈ intp-t 5w4
◈ derse witch of heart

hottest person alive

interests/ likes

◈  homestuck
◈ vast error
◈ pjo/hoo
◈ danganronpa
jake english <3
◈ minecraft
◈ soul eater
◈ the magnus archives
◈ kipo
◈ gravity falls
◈ the owl house
◈ orange juice
◈ being epic

a lot more but i cant remember them all whoops!!


no this is not the full list i refuse to out myself.
i kin for fun + to cope and dont mind doubles!!

◈ Dirk Strider :(
◈ Sollux Captor B)

*#1 selfhood kin no doubles. [ hehe im just kidding shes my best friend ]

before you follow!


◈ i can forget to use tone indicators [/j, /s etc.] but know i am almost always joking and compliments are always platonic!! please remind me to use them if youre unsure during an interaction!!

◈ i tag everything here [pls lmk if you need me to tag smthing!!]

◈ my account is rt heavy!! sometimes ill spam the tl without meaning to ://

◈ if im following someone bad please dm me to let me know!!

◈ please dm if youre sbing!! im very forgetful and might end up following you again without realizing!!


◈ pro ship or "anti-anti"

◈ pro bi/pan lesbian

◈ support map/zoo/necro

◈ nsfw/18+ account [im a minor!!]

◈ under 13, over 25 [unless i interact first/ current moots fine]

◈ anti-blm/anti-acab

◈ active on gore/ed/nsfw twt

◈ racist, sexist, or ableist

comfort characters eheheh

◈ jake english!! [hs]
◈ sollux captor [hs]
◈ jade harley [hs]
◈ kankri vantas [hs]
◈ will solace [hoo]
◈ leo valdez [hoo]

◈ serpaz [ve]
◈ murrit [ve]
◈ yumyan [kipo]
◈ ibuki mioda [dr2]
◈ nagito komaeda [dr2]
◈ derpy hooves [mlp]

tw's and cw's

no need to tag them all [though appreciated] but please tag whats in italics!!

erisol [the ship, not the sprite]
◈ jadedave
◈ mouth noises
mentions of pregnancy
◈ shipping real people
◈ over-sexualization of jake english
hate towards any of my comforts

[tagging what it is or NDL ((nerf dont look)) is fine!!]

i tag:

◈ self harm
◈ suicide
◈ yelling
◈ animal abuse
◈ pedophilia
◈ needles
◈ nsfw
◈ abuse
◈ loud noises
◈ drunk people/ alcohol
◈ thinspo/eds
◈ grooming
◈ jumpscares
◈ mouth noises
◈ children crying
◈ ableism
◈ spiders, seals, walruses, slugs, snails
◈ skiing/ ski lifts
◈ terminal illness
◈ sinkholes
◈ talk of the apocalypse
◈ school
◈ soul eater
◈ my little pony
◈ homestuck^2
◈ cronus ampora [hs]
◈ naruto